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Rubber Extruders

With over 45 years of experience in the rubber machinery business, the Pelmar Engineering Group has become a global leader in the supply of rubber extruders. When coming to select the right rubber extruder for your process, you should know the importance of examining the extruder’s mechanical characteristics. This way you can be sure that you will obtain the product that you wish to manufacture. Pelmar’s experts can offer you the most suitable extruder which will perfectly fit your technical and technological requirements.

Marangoni Cold Feed Strip Winder Extruder
Marangoni Cold Feed Strip Winder Extruder
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RMS Innerliner Produciton Line
RMS Innerliner Produciton Line
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Guix 300 mm Hot Feed Strainer
Guix  300 mm Hot Feed Strainer
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Troester 4.5 "X 6" Cold Feed Duplex Extruder
Troester 4.5
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Hot Feed Extruder with Roller Die Head
Hot Feed Extruder with Roller Die Head
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Iddon 4.5" Cold Feed Extruder
Iddon 4.5
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Iddon 1.5" Cold Feed Extruder
Iddon 1.5
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NRM 10" Hot Feed Extruder
NRM 10
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NRM 120 mm Cold Feed Extruder
NRM 120 mm Cold Feed Extruder
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Maintaining Quality in Production

Nowadays, manufacturers are constantly trying to attain the maximum quality possible for their product. The quality is measured by physical characteristics such as hardness, stiffness, tensile strength, flexibility as well as visual appearance which also plays a major role. Waste rubber level during the process also has a high impact on the overall costs of production and this is not often considered by rubber plants. The Pelmar Group has in stock top leading European brands of pre-owned extruders such as Troester, Andouart, NRM and Berstorff. Pelmar’s stock includes cold and hot feed extruders with a wide range of screw diameters, varying from 25 Φ mm through 90 Φ and 120 Φ mm up to 250 Φ mm at different lengths and diameter ratios.

Our Rubber Extruders can be fitted at every tire and rubber plants world-wide. Pelmar’s Rubber extruders serve the tire and technical rubber sectors with equipment suitable for range of applications as:

    · Strips and profiles · Rubber Hoses
    · O-Rings and Gaskets · Conveyor Belts
    · V and Power Transmission Belts
    · Tubes and Bladders preforms
    · Compression Molding Blankets
    · Cables Coatings

Pelmar delivers complete extrusion solutions

The Pelmar Engineering group, being the largest supplier of equipment to the tire and rubber industry worldwide, can promptly deliver its pre-owned extruders and also offer them rebuilt and updated with the most advanced production features.


Apart from rubber extruders, Pelmar would be pleased to support its customer with rubber compounding lines and complementary downstream equipment such as internal mixers, batch off, mixing mills and 2, 3 and 4 roll calenders.


Pelmar has recently reconditioned a Farrel 18”/21” Dump extruder with a 20” X 22” roller die for one of the most reputable tire manufacturers in Europe. The project included the following:



· Dismantling of the machine

· Inspection of the screw, barrel, gearbox bearings

· Delivery to the premises

· Full Assembly – mechanical and electrical installation at the plant.



reconditioning -before and after 1
reconditioning -before and after 2

Dump Extruder Reconditioning Process – Scope of work


· Dismantling of the whole Extruder, Cleaning, Inspection, Remounting

· Chemical cleaning of the Screw and the Barrel

· Change of the Guide Bush (New)

· Repair of the Screw winding

· Check of the Gear Box, new sealing

· Repair of the Hollow Shaft-Gear Box / fitting with the Screw shaft

· Both Pusher demount, cleaning -Remount with new Cylinders

· Welding and Grinding of big groves in the Barrel,

· Repair of the Hydraulic Power Pack, new sealing

· Installation of new lubrication tube

· Overhaul of the Extruder Motor and electrical components


 Roller Die Reconditioning Process – Scope of work

· Dismantling of the whole Roller Die, Cleaning, Inspection, Remounting

· Grinding of the Rolls

· Chemical cleaning of the peripheral drilled Rolls

· Production of new cooling pipes (VA-Steel)

· Check of the Bearings (new bearings can be offered separately)

· Installation of new lubrication tube

· Production of new rails for moving

· Sealing of the Moving Cylinder

· Check of the Gear Box, new sealing


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