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Across the world, tire and rubber manufacturer are eagerly seeking to find modern rubber and tire equipment to expand their production at competitive prices.
This demand has greatly grown for the last years, while the requirement to deliver and maintain the high level of quality and service was not compromised.

With second hand equipment, the ability to perform an uprade for a certain machine is sometimes technically restricted and may not always be feasible.
With New Machinery, there are almost no limitations and Pelmar can easily customize the solution to meet your needs and specificaitons, and in every scale of production.

Pelmar has established its subdisdiary in Bejing, China, called BCE - Beijing Covance Engineering Co. Ltd. in order to answer this urgent need. The company was founded in order to provide its clients the ability to look into New chinese equipment by offering a comprehensive and professional local support. As a part of Pelmr group, BCE is acting as gateway to Chinese quality machinery and raw materials suppliers.

With over 15 years acquaintance and close association with Chinese new rubber Machinery manufacturers, and together with the Pelmar Group international network and European standards, Pelmar BCE can guaruantee the quality and service of new equipment.

The Pelmar offers a package of benefits that will help you in your selection for Chinese Machinery:

1. Our machinery expert's will design and customize an ideal solution according to your exact needs. Pelmar will strive to achieve the best results during nagotiations and obtain the best prices, terms and delivery time from the Chinese suppliers.

2. Pelmar will closely supervise the production process and will send its engineers to the OE manufacturing plant , making sure the manufacture process is done perfectly, in accordance to specifications and on time.

3. Any kind of support required before and after sale will be provided by Pelmar's engineers in Europe. Communication will be done only with Pelmar people in common languages - English, German, Spanish.

Some of the rubber and tire machinery we supply from China:

1. Internal Mixers - Tangential (Banbury) and Intermeshing type internal mixers, from laboratory scale and up to 370 L.

2. Mixing Mills - All common sizes - laboratory, 42", 60", 84" and 100". Can be installed with Variable speed drive and all advance features.

3. Cold and Hot Feed Extruders, with Strainer head - From 3.5" and up to 10". Including Strip Winding Extruders for all type of tires.

4.. Feeding & Weighing Systems for Carbon Black, While Fillers & Oils

5. Tire components preparation machinery - 2,3 and 4 roll Calenders,

6. Cutters, Splicers, tire building machines, tire curing presses and testing machinery.

7.. Agricultural T.B.M, 1st and 2nd stage

8. Conveyor belt machinery including presses and rotocures.

9. High pressure hose complete production line

10. Complete Tire recycling plants with innovative technology

11. Complete reclaim plants.

4.5" / 120 mm Cold Feed Extruder Supplied by Pelmar to a Rubber Hose Manufacturer
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42" Smooth Mixing mill with Variable Speed Drive recently supplied by Pelmar China to a EU Customer
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CF, White Fillers, Oils and Polymers Feeding System supplied by BCE

BCE, together with the Pelmar group, guarantee the quality of the equipment its supply by working with top qualified manufacturers from China. Those are only which present the highest standards with respect to the manufacture process and machinery  quality.

Pelmar's technical team will analyize your technical requirements and provide comprehensive solution to fit your needs under the budget limitations that will be placed.

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