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Rubber Calendering, also known and as rolling, is a typical process in the tire and rubber industry. Coating operation is
carried out by covering treated textile fabric or steel cords with thin rubber layers on both sides. This is done so that materials
to be used for sandwiched plies and belts can be made. The quality and thickness of rubber layers depends on respective applications.

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Iddon 3 Roll Calender
Iddon 3 Roll Calender
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 The important point in this process lies in the accuracy of thickness in both directions of length and width. Inaccurate thickness leads to poor performance of tires or any rubber application. It can also lead to further vibrations due to increased imbalance so accuracy is therefore required to l/l00 mm.

A calender with 3 rolls is very popular in the tire and the rubber industry. The temperature of rolls and gauges are computer-controlled. In addition to the use for coating cords and textile, a calender is also used for preparing various kinds of rubber sheets and strips. 3 roll calender can come in different roll position configuration. Most common configuration are: ‘I’ and ‘L’ type.

3 roll calender is one of the most important machine at a rubber factory. Due to the big size of the line, it also consumes a lot of electric power and production area. Maintenance of 3 roll calender line is very important to the successful of the calendaring process and quality of the product.

3 roll calender line for rubberizing of textile sheets include heating mills, feeding mills, heating rolls for the textile, cooling rolls and wind ups after the calender itself. This configuration is widely used in the tire plants and also in the conveyor belt plants.

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