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Tire building machine is a key factor in the success of tire production process. This machine is widely used to produce the green tires at every tire plant. The Tire building machine assembles all tire components as: tread, sidewall, inner liner, body ply, bead, and cord body together to build green tires according to industry standards.

NRM 88 1st Stage TBM
NRM 88 1st Stage TBM
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Marangoni 1st Stage PCR T.B.M
Marangoni 1st Stage PCR T.B.M
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In radial tire production g technologies, tires are built in two stages. During the 1st stage, inner liner and body plys are applied on a rotating drum (collapsible) and rolled over the edges of the drum. The drum is a bit larger than bead diameter to fit in onto it. After placement and rolling of these components, the beads and beads fillers are set in place and the components turned-up over the beads. These again are rolled over the drum and stitched tightly to make sure the adherence between body plys and beads is perfect. The drum is then collapsed that the assembled carcass can be removed and taken to the 2nd stage building. This cycle is computer programmed to carry out the various operations automatically and simultaneously.

Tire manufacturing is a complex process. A misstep or improper procedure at any of these stages can threaten structure of the tire. In order control and monitor these stages in process, advance control system is integrated allowing manufacturers to streamline their operations.

Thus, significant financial savings can be realized, including achieving increased manufacturing throughput as well as benefits from greater visibility, tracking and control of operations.

In Pelmar we have a variety of TBM machines to offer from the top quality brands. It includes VMI, Pirelli, NRM, Matador. All machines are in good condition and are spread in our various locations worldwide. We would be more than happy to assist should you want to get an inquiry for one of our machines.

Our tire building machines are suitable for all tire segments: Passenger, trucks and light trucks, off the road and Agricultural tires

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