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84" Mills

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Depending on the volume and output of the mixer we can offer different 84”, 80”, 84” and 100” Dump Rubber Mills. In addition for compound testing we can offer different Lab Mills and 24”and 42” Mills for small scale rubber milling volumes.

Our bullgear, uni and semi unidrive, twin or line mills come either with cored or peripherally drilled roles, corrugated, smooth. For better compound cross blending in milling we can offer different types of used Stock Blenders that can sometimes help reduce a Rubber Mill in a warm-up feeding line.

Our mills come with different AC or DC motor strengths and have either roller or bush bronze bearings also different manual, electrical or hydraulic nip adjustment.

We carry in stock different rubber mill brands such as Farrel, Troester, Bolling, Repiquet and Adamson Rubber Mills.

Bridge 84" Mill
Bridge 84
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Troester 84" Mill
Troester 84
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Buzuluk 84" Twin Mill
Buzuluk 84
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Shaw - Robinson 84" Mill
Shaw - Robinson 84
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Berstorff 84" Mill with Hagglunds Drive
Berstorff 84
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Berstoff 84” Twin Mill
Berstoff 84” Twin Mill
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Berstoff 84” Twin Mill
Berstoff 84” Twin Mill
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Adamson 84" Mill
Adamson 84
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Farrel 84" Twin Mill
Farrel 84
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