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Spare parts

Rubber Mixing Mills play a major position in masticating and mixing compounds at every tire and rubber plant around the globe. This machine is normally used for rubber processing and pre-sheeting and comes in diversity of brands, sizes, configurations with respect to its capabilities.

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All mixing mills are composed by the same fundamental elements which are assembled together creating a single structure, the mill. Along the time, it occurs that parts are worn out or get broken because of operator’s mistakes/inappropriate use, low quality of materials or inconsistent maintenance. Hence, these parts need to be replaced to get the machine back into operation.

Pelmar is stocking within its inventory spare parts for mixing mills, for different types, sizes and configurations which are typically accepted in the rubber industry. Pelmar can promptly react and supply its customer the right spare part for the mill.

Amongst our spare parts for mill, one who looks for can find:

    1. Transmission Systems: Unidrive/semi-unidrive gearbox, bullgearinion or multi-unidrive and set of
    connecting gears.

    2. Motors: small and big powerful motors to drive the mills,
     from 50 KW and up to 200KW, hydraulic motors (Hagglund), AC/DC motors and AC with inverter.

    3. Mill main structure parts: baseplates, caps, frames.

    4. Rolls: With Short and long Shafts, cored or peripherally drilled, with bush and roller type bearings
    and bearings houses.

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