Dump Extruders

Dump extruder is a typical rubber extruder processing machine, which is composed by a conical screw rotating within a longitudinal oriented barrel.
Dump extruder is positioned under an
internal rubber mixer, which discharges its batch into the hopper that feeds the extruder with the batch for further processing and sheeting or straining.The speed of extrusion is regulated by a set of sensors located along the feeding zone (on the hopper) hopper and head, ensuring compound is constantly being processed and the extruder runs in continuous manner.

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Farrel / Pomini Dump Extruder
Farrel / Pomini Dump Extruder
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Francis Shaw 15"/18" Dump Extruder
Francis Shaw 15
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These machines are usually, but not always, equipped with 2  roller die machine which functions as a sheeting element for the extruded slab. Another major advantage of the roller die is to cool it down before feeding entering the batch off for intensive cooling.

The efficiency of the dump extruder is mainly set by the screw design, which plays an important role in forming the lumps of rubber into a uniform sheet. In order to achieve an optimal engulfing, the screw is designed to work as deep as possible in the zone of feed throat where it requires accommodating the rubber to be processed. Usually, the
feed end is characterized by double screw diameter to increase capacity.

The screw narrows down to a smaller diameter up to the exit zone. Most of the dump extruders are equipped with oscillating hydraulic RAM, also called as pusher that forces rubber into the screw.

Generally, dump extruder are rather short, with average L/D ratio of 6:1 which make it sufficient for the required pressure at the head. From technological point of view, dump extruders are suitable for processing masterbatch and finalbatch compounds made from variety of recipes, whether consist of carbon black or Silica.

With more than 50 years of experience in supply of rubber processing equipment and complete mixing lines, Pelmar has accumulated deep knowledge in dump extruders machines. It would be pleased to offer its customers such second hand machines from its inventory.
Pelmar can offer for immediate supply used 15”\18” dump extruder & roller die of the top quality in the market.

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Used Francis Shaw 15”/18” Dump Extruder Extruders

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