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Autoform Presses

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Autoform presses are one of the common tire curing presses types that are in use in tire industry in addition to Bag-O-Matic and Hydraulic tire presses.

These presses are structurally built by a bottom part fixed to the floor with an electro-mechanical drive system that includes: an electric motor, gearbox and pinion/bullgear crack gear. On top of this part is mounted the lower platen (heated platen or bottom half of dome) to which the lower part of tire mold is connected. The platen (or dome) is thermally isolated from press body.

The open/close motion is achieved by the rotation of the crank gear. Closing force is developed by stretching the side links. When the press opens, the upper beam, slides back (parallel motion) and the upper mold stays.

Tire loading and unloading devices are part of the upper beam. While the press is opening, the tire is stripped off the mold, unloaded to the conveyor and a new green tire is loaded.

The Pelmar group holds over its European warehouse numerous units of Autolok Presses, manufactured by NRM (McNeil) in size of 40.5”. Pelmar autoform Curing press are suitable for radial passenger, light truck, and truck tires. Selecting autoform curing presses to your plant will assure uncompromised level of quality to your tires.


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