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In rubber production there are a few phases where the rubber has to go through. Every phase along the production has an important role which all together contributes to the creation of a final product. At first the batch is created by mixing ingredients, after that the compound goes through the mill, batch off for cooling, clendering and then comes the final stage of vulcanization. Not every rubber plant consists of a Rotocure, those who do would be likely to position the machine after the calendar. The main idea of the Rotocure is to create continuous vulcanization process where the sheet is heated and vulcanized.
In the Rotocure machine consists of various parts, it is crucial that that all of them will work in precise alignment. Among these parts there are the main parts which are: heating roll, stretching unit and the stainless steel belt. These main parts play a crucial role in the manufacturing process.

While operating the Rotocure machine, it is crucial to maintain all process parameters in their correct tolerance, a slight change in the heated roll or in the steel belt that are both in charge of the smooth vulcanization of the sheet can cause uneven vulcanized sheet that will cause irregularities and subsequently disqualification.

Pelmar has been in the market for over 40 years and deals massively with selling and buying refurbished machinery for the rubber industry. Our knowledge and worldwide network connections allows us provide you the best machinery available on the market with competitive prices. Rotocure machines are available in our range, refurbished and as is.
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