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X-Ray Machines

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X-Ray Machine is one of various machine used in tire manufacturing process to monitor and measure alignment and position of tire components from bead to bead. The system consists of mechanical elements, controlled by electronic system (hardware and software) that detects defects in passenger and trucks tires.

This unique system operates by conveying the tire into a lead-shielded cabinet where it is manipulated into vertical position and tire beads are spread to a certain width. Tire is then spun at a set speed and irradiated by X-rays beam positioned at the center of the loading chuck, which sends electro-magnetic X-Ray waves (wavelengths 0.01 to 10 nanometers) and generates a digital image on the operator computer.

The image obtained is developed into linear section and provides dimensional evaluation of clearances between the internal components of the tire.

The operator of this system must be well trained and professional in making interpretation the obtained X-ray images. It’s up to operator’s capability to classify the tires based on a given parameters that define whether tire is considered to be defected. Afterwards, it is taken out from the machine, marked and sorted.

The Pelmar group is pleased to serve tire manufacturers by stocking numerous used X-Ray machines produced by Hoffman.

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Hoffman X-Ray Machine for Truck Tires

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