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Mixers in the Rubber industry are the first stage in the production process. The crude rubber consists about 50% of the total compound while the other 50% consist of: carbon black, processing oils, vulcanization materials, accelerators etc. All the ingredients are fed into the mixer while thus creates a specific mix which is called a batch. All parameters in the mixing process such as: rotors speed, temperature control and sequence of operation are carefully monitored so that uniformity from batch to batch in the continuous process will be maintained with low tolerance.

Shaw K1Lab Mixer
Shaw  K1Lab Mixer
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Bolling Lab Mixer
Bolling Lab Mixer
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A reliable and accurate analysis can only be guaranteed by reproducible sample preparation. In order to create the ideal formula for the compound, tests have to be taken on small scales and therefore we offer lab machinery including lab mixers.

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In the early days of rubber production, mixing rubber was done entirely by mills, the mixing process was long and time consuming and therefore a need for fast and more efficient machinery was required. The mixer was invented in order to create a mixing process which will be better, faster and homogeneous. In the mixer, the quality of the batch depends on the compound composition and the mixing process.

Pelmar is one of the world's largest suppliers of used rubber machinery, equipment, tooling for tire manufacturing and technical rubber processing. As part of the company's agenda to supply a large verity of machines in short time notice with competitive prices we hold stock of lab equipment including a reputable range of lab mixers. Pelmar holds 15 warehouses worldwide in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and India. Our lab mixers are available in all of these various locations.
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