Pomini Dump Extruder

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Manufactured by: Pomini-Farrel
Year of Manufacture: 1965
Year of Recondition: 2003

Screw Diameter: 15”/18”
Screw Speed: max. 24,1 rpm
Drive Motor; DC, Typ: GCJTB 436b,
Nr: W585429
380V, 585A, 200 kW, 1500rpm
Gear Box small: Pomini S320, 147kW,
Gear Box big: Pomini-Farrel 3865, 147kW,
Pusher: one, hydraulic driven
Base Frame: in concrete

Roller Die
Size: 20” x 50”, cored
Drive Motor: DC, IEG GH225XK, 2005, 20V, 751A, 290kW, 1550rpm
Gear Box: Typ: OD710, 1965, 110kW, 1000:89,8rpm
T.C.U: Included
Baseframe: Available
Dimensions: L-5,000 x W-2,240 x H-2,200 mm
Weight: Approx. 13.500 Kg

Item 104XAU0477
Dump Extruder & Roller Die-Line 


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