Steinbichler Shearography Machine

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Manufactured by: Steinbichler
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Model: Intact 1600-1
Type of tires: Aircraft Tyres / Truck Tyres
Measuring Head: Single Type,
Fully automated positioning
Tire Measuring Area: Tread, Shoulder, Sidewall, Bead
Bead to Bead: 9 /18 /hr
Shoulder to shoulder: 30 / 60/ hr
Max. Tire Width: 600 mm
Min. Bead Dia. Range: 12”
Tire Outer Dia. Range: 500-1600 mm
Air Supply: 20 l/min @ 6 Bar
Working Temperatures: + 10˚ C to + 40˚ C
Loading/Unloading: Automated
Power Supply: 360-500V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (LXWXH): 1.85 X 1.95 X 2.14 m

Steinbichler Shearography Machine
Item Number: 114XBE0001

Technical Literature is available
Including Tire Tilter Robot to cover all areas of the tire

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