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The process

In the manufacture of most rubber products, the rubber is mixed with various substances, formed and then vulcanized. The vulcanization process usually involves heating rubber to which a vulcanizing agent, such as sulfur, has been added.

First up is the masticating process where natural and synthetic rubber raw materials are incorporated into a mixer, accompanied with oils, fillers and additives to prepare the desire compound. Homogeneousness is also enhanced during mixing cycle by continuous dispersion of fillers and additives.
Second is the milling process that shapes the rubber into flat, long strips by forcing it through two adjacent, heavy, hardened-steel, counter-rotating horizontal rolls. Generally, they revolve at slightly different speeds. Mill rolls are hollow and may be heated or cooled as needed. After the mixing cycle, rubber slabs are conveyed into a batch off for cooling. Continue Reading



Guix 84" Mill
Guix  84
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Shaw-Robinson 36" Mill
Shaw-Robinson 36
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VITEC Cracker Mill
VITEC Cracker Mill
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REED Cracker Mill
REED Cracker Mill
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Troester 84" Mill
Troester 84
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Berstorff 84" Mill with Hagglunds Drive
Berstorff 84
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Buzuluk 60" Mill
Buzuluk 60
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Robinson Cracker Mill
Robinson Cracker Mill
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Bridge 84" Mill
Bridge 84
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Used rubber mill

Today, one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on acquiring a new rubber mill as there are refurbished machines available. However, if customers choose this option, they best do so from a renowned and expert supplier. Pelmar has more than 45 years’ experience in the rubber industry and in supplying used rubber mills.

Based on its expertise and vast stock, Pelmar offers a variety of used rubber mixing mills for mill warming, feeding Hot Feed extruders and Calenders, and for refining and cracking rubber compounds.

Customers can depend on the company’s recommendations of suitable equipment from its large inventory of Cracker Mills for milling natural rubber and cold synthetic rubber, as well as Bank and Feeder mills for extrusion and calendering lines. The company also supplies 24", 42", 60"and 84" as well as lab mills for different milling volumes. Mills are available with different AC or DC motor strengths a, roller or bush bronze bearings, and with manual, electrical or hydraulic nip adjustments.

Pelmar’s stock comprises rubber mill brands such as Farrel, Troester, Bolling, Repiquet and Adamson Rubber Mills.

Continued support

Pelmar specializes in restoring equipment to an "almost new" operational state and backs this up with a guarantee of excellence. In addition, customers don’t just receive a machine, but continued engineering and technical support ― particularly important when purchasing used equipment. Its unique customer care, after-sale support, global distribution network, and engineering expertise have always made Pelmar a leading supplier of choice.

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