Troester Apex Line with 120 x 14D Cold Feed Extruder


The Troester Apex Line with Cold Feed Extruder designed and manufactured by Troester provides a full solution for your specific requirements. Designed with advance mechanical systems for improved accuracy in order to achieve the highest results. Includes Blowing station with ACI Blower, Discharge Conveyor with heated Cutting Device,2 Wind-up Stations, movable, each Station for 2 Rolls,Water Tanks incl. Water preparation

Manufactured by:                     Troester

YOM:                                           2011

Extruder:                                    QSM 120k, 14D

Type:                                          Cold Feed Pin Type

Screw ,L/D Ratio:                       120 mm diameter  x 14D

Screw Speed:                              5 to 50 rpm

Pins:                                            48pc., 6 Rows with 8 Pins each

Feeding Roll:                               available, driven by screw

Extruderhead:                              movable 2 openings  

Motor:                                           ABB, DC-125kW, 440V, 1200rpm

Gear Box:                                      PIV Drives / Germany, 125kW, i=23

TCU:                                               Regloplus

4 Zone (1xScrew, 1x Head, 2xBarrel)

Decline Roll conveyor with width measurement    

Cooling Line:                           1 Level Spraycooling-tunnel with dip tank

Manufacturer:                         Grothe

Length:                                    approx. 24m

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