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Manufacturer: Farrel
Year of manufacture: 1994 
Type: F-270
Capacity: 270 Liter 
Rotors: Two-wing type design with Stellite #1 tips and 
hard industrial chrome hard surfacing.
Unloading door: Rotac Drop Door
Power Unit: Hydraulic power unit
Chamber Opening: 32” x 11.5” 
Chamber sides: Dual zone drilled cooling passages, 
Lincoln H-560 hard facing and standard
throat plates
Dust seals: FYH type with separate air/oil hydraulic pressure supply and positive displacement, progressive oil distribution system.
Bearings: Rotor bearings are spherical roller type with replenishment grease Lubricant;
Discharge door: Drop type with chrome plated door top, 
Rotac rotary actuator and latch actuated by a 7” bore hydraulic cylinder.
Thermocouples: Two type 'J' in the door top

Hopper: Bolling Hopper Air Operated
Cylinder: 22” bore with top cushion and bumper 
pad at bottom.
Loading door: Actuated by two air cylinders under the door. Include seals on the sides of the door.

Gear Box: Lufkin, Unidrive 
1 Farrel standard duty type
Motor driven oil circulating pump with cooler
Ratio: 29.218 : 1
TCU: 3 Zone TCU (missing)
Includes: One operator Panel
Electrical Switch Gear 2300V 
Motor: Not Available 
Controls: Not Available

F-270 mixer weights and dimensions:
Mixer Body 10’ 6” 5’ 4” 5’ 4” 34,500 #
Mixer base 7’ 10” 6’ 4” 9” 8,000 #
Hopper 3’ 10” 4’ 4” 12” 6” 12,600 #
Gearbox 10’ 6” 6’ 10” 6” 0” 37,000 #

F 270 mixer report:
• Clearance between left rotor and chamber side: .321”
• Clearance between right rotor and chamber side: .332”
• Clearance between Drop door and body: .000”
• Clearance between Ram and chute: .110”, .120”, .102” & .182”
• Rotor to rotor (tip to tip): .432”
• Thickness of satellite on body: Can’t measure Spec is .125”
• Thickness of satellite door top: Door top is chrome plated
• Condition of hard facing in chamber sides: Good-Minimum wear – some small grooves

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