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Troester Apex Line with 120 x 14D Cold Feed Extruder


Manufactured by: Francis Shaw
Year of Manufacture: 1987, Installed in 1989
Model: K-5, MK4, NR2 Rotor
Serial Number: 6114
Chamber Useful Volume: 92 liters (F.F. 0.73)
Approx. Batch Size: 110 Kg (s.g. 1.2 kg/cm3)
Rotors Geometry: Intermeshing
Bearings: Roller Type
Hopper: Pneumatic RAM
Ram Position Indicator: Available
Ram Positioning: 2 Switch Positions
Loading Door: Pneumatically actuated
Discharge door: Drop Door, Hydraulically actuated
Hyd. Pack: Available, 1 X Pump
Transmission: Unidrive
Type: DC, made by Ansaldo
Power: 784 KW, 710V @ 50Hz, 1500 RPM
Cooling: Water Cooled
Make: Jahnel, Year 1986
Power: 720 KW
Gear Input/Output: 1500 / 50 RPM ; i:30
Type: Double Helical
Motor-Gearbox: Flexible
Gearbox-Rotors: Planetary Tooth
Rotor Speed: Even
Lubrication Unit: Available
Bearings Lubrication: by Grease
Dust Seal system:
Type:Mechanical Type
Process Oil Pump: Available
Stationary Ring Lubrication: By Lubrication Oil
Rotary Ring Lubrication: By Process Oil
Electricals/Controls: Not Available, Can be delivered NEW
Baseplate: Available, Bed Plate Type
TCU: Not Available
Mixer Layout: ‘U’ Design

Optional Spare Parts: Dust Stop, bearings, Rotary Drive,
Filters, Seals, Latch Cylinder

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