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As the world is changing and the demand for high quality products is increasing day by day, the rubber industry is likely to step up its manufacturing capacity and fulfill the demanding requirements of the global consumers.
Today, the rubber industry is concerned with consumer demands for quality and safety within a world of labor considerations and manufacturing efficiency. Most of the companies generally handle these challenges with global mergers and relocation of production centers to emerging developing economies.

As the tire industry is an essential part of the rubber industry, it becomes more and more standardized. Hence the level of competition is increasing and manufacturers are producing at high yields alongside low cost manufacturing.
One of the major reasons for that is the acceptance of manufacturers to produce through used tire machines.
As a used tire machine, in good condition, has a market value of 20% compared to new machines, there is no question at all why these used tire machines are so popular. The ability to produce for many decades, alongside high maintenance and care, is making used tire machines the preferable choice for many companies around the globe.

Moreover, those who want to customize their products for certain applications, are able to easily achieve it by exploring the large variety of used tire machines of all kinds and brands.

A comparison table between new and pre-owned machines is described below:



Delivery Time

Approx. 8-18 months




As is up to 30% the cost of NEW

Refurbished up to 35%- 40%

Fully reconditioned

70% - 75% of New


Given by OE Manufacturer

None for as is,

Limited for reconditioned


Updated Technology and safety standards

Proven technology / may be upgraded


& Know-how

Limited by nature of operation

not required or may be very extensive


Requires Training

May not require Training

In addition, used tire machines could often be used for spare parts. In the past the assurance of availability of spare parts was a critical issue. It is still an important issue however; accessibility is considerably easier and available both from original machinery manufacturers and sub-contractors. Most machinery manufacturers have become assemblers using sub-contractors for parts, even critical ones.
When purchasing pre-owned equipment, very often a large quantity of spare parts is included and can be offered later at rather attractive prices to the end user. Availability of spare parts will insure the user’s smooth continued operation of the equipment purchased.

In conclusion, re-use of rubber equipment, particularly processing machinery and used tire machines represents a serious saving of material which otherwise would be scrap.

  • Save energy – reduces demand for new large, heavy, castings and machining
  • Rebuilt machinery – provides many jobs to riggers, assemblers and machinists
  • Save Resources –- It is part of waste management and prevention of very graded down added value
  • Extended life expectancy – it forces manufacturers to improve products to allow second life

Today, rubber processing machine manufacturing has become popular and essential because of the very little changes in the basic concept and operation mainly of Process Machinery (Mills, Mixers, Extruders, Calenders, and even Curing Press). This explains the popularity and importance of used tire machines among all tire companies multi-national as well as small beginners. Today in many cases availability of used equipment will determine whether certain projects will be undertaken or denied.


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