6" X 13" Lab Mill

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Roll Size: 6" X 12"

Power Supply: 415V / 50 Hz

Roll Surface: Smooth, 0.1 mm Chrome Plated

Roll Cooling: Peripherally Drilled, with Rotary Joints

Roll Bearings: Roller Bearings

Nip Adjustment: Manual

Motor: ABB, 7.5 HP / 5 Kw, 1440 RPM

Gearbox: Elecon, SNU model, Reduction i:60, 

Transmission: Semi-Unidrive, With connecting gears

Front Wheels : 18 T, Rear 15T

Friction: 1:1.2

Roll Speed: Front 20, Rear 16

Lubrication: Manual wit grease


Safety Discs: Shear Pads

Break: Electro-Hydraulic Thruster break, break torque 5kgm

Additional Safeties: Emergency push button, roll reverse automatic st emergency stop

safety cover over the rolls made from two pieces, interlocked and removable with limit switch

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