Berstorff Cracker Mill

Item 108XXG0022 Cracker Mill

Manufactured by: Berstorff / Germany

YOM: 1972

Roll dimension: Ø 600 mm, 800 mm length

Roll surface:

Front Roll: fully corrugated

Back Roll: partly corrugated

Cooling: cored rolls, open cooling

Drive: semi-unidrive

Bearings: Bush bearings, Grease lubrication

Nip Adjustment: manual

Gear Box: Seegers, G 13192 272PS, i: 985/14,5/7,2

Motor: Siemens, Typ: 1LSR266B3 380V, 370A, 260kW, 990 1/min with Starter and Brake

Electric: available, analog type

Baseframe: not available

Feeding belt : available

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