Berstorff Lab 4-Roll Calender

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Manufactured by: Berstorff, Serial 54/5411
YOM: 1954, several refurbishments
Typ: 4-Roll, inverted “L”
Roll Size: ø 200 x 450mm
Cooling: cored Rolls,
Cooling unit: Regloplas 6,5kW
Bearings: Bush bearings
Lubrication: Oil Lubrication
Nip Adjustment: manual
Drive: Bull Gear, conn. gears
Speed: 3 – 18m/min
Motor: DC, 400V, 50Hz, 15kW (new in 2008)
Frequ. Inverter: Mitsubishi A500
Gear Box: PIV Gear Box (new in 2008)
Size: 3450 x 1100 x 2350mm (lxbxh)
Discharge belt: available
Documentation: available
Last Check by Berstorff: 2008

Item 107XXG0009

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