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Manufactured by:David Bridge
Let Off Station:Available
Accepted Material Width:1700 mm
Festoon Unit: Available
Range of Cut Ply Width:85 - 1100 mm
Cutting Angle Range: 30° - 90°
Conveyor Table Width:
Low Angle:2600 mm
High Angle: 2100 mm
Wind-Up Station:Available
Electricals: Available
Controls: Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC
· Optional:Set of Spare Parts: Wheels, Sprockets, Clutch, Belt
· Manuals & Drawings are available


Bridge Textile Bias Cutting Line
Item Number: 103XUK0002

Bridge Textile Cutting Line for Rubberized Textile Components

Composed of the following Elements:
Let Off Unit; Festoon System; Conveyor Tables; Cutting Knife; Batch Up Units for narrow and wide sheets





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