Buzuluk 84" Mixing Mills

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Buzuluk 84" Mixing Mills, never used in production

Manufacturer: Buzuluk

Year: 2012

Roll Dimensions: 610 X 2286 mm, not suited as dump mills

Roll Surface: Smooth

Motor: AC Type with VFD, Siemens 132 KW, 140-1450 RPM, 50 Hz

Transmission: Unidrive

Nip Adjustment: Electric

Roll Speed: Variable

Front: 3.47 – 34.7 m/min

Rear: 4.25 – 42.5 m/min

Roll Type: Peripherally Drilled

Roll Bearings: Roller Bearings, oil lubricated

Friction: 1: 1, 22

Stock Guides: Made of steel with hard chrome

Vertically lifted for 200 mm

Layout: ‘U’ Design

Electrical & controls: Available, Standard Buzuluk

Safeties: 2 X safety bars with limit switches

2 X Kick switches

2 X safety ropes

3 X safety push buttons

CE Compliant

Auxiliaries: Strip cutting device (optional)

Power Supply: 230/400V, 50 Hz


2 units available

Optional: new spare motor, heating tower, raw cord accumulator, rubber conveyors.

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