Farrel 84“ Mixing Mill - SOLD

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Manufactured by: Farrel

YOM: 1970

Roll dimension:

Back Roll (driven) Ø 560 mm, 2100 mm length

Front Roll: Ø 660 mm, 2100 mm length

Roll surface: smooth

Cooling: cored rolls, Rotary joint

Drive: Bull Gear

Friction: conn. Gears 25,23 teeth (1,09:1)

Roll Bearings: Bush bearings, grease lubrication

Nip Adjustment: manual

Gearbox: Westinghouse DRHA, Ser: 11557

Ratio: 11,3:1, Pinion: 720rpm

Motor: DC-TT Electric, LAX 4250-B

224kW, 400V, 612A, 1010rpm

Brake: Disc Brake

Cutting device: available

Electric: available, incl. Inverter

Control: Siemens S7, Software not available

Frame: Mounted on a common Baseframe

Stockblender: available, electric driven

Documentation: not available (except E-Plan)

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