Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Pelmar provide a Warranty?
A. Pelmar will provide a limited warranty if the equipment is supplied either refurbished or New by Pelmar. If the equipment is sold “as is,” then no warranty is available. Regardless, Pelmar will share full transparency prior to any acquisition and will do what it can in order to assist.

Q. What post-delivery service is available?
A. As part of our commitment to excellent after-sale service, Pelmar’s policy entails immediate respond within 24 hours to any request for assistance following delivery of the equipment. We shall be able to extend our post delivery services into practical on-site equipment inspections and maintenance programs

Q. Is it possible to ship the equipment to an overseas location?
A. Pelmar can provide all logistics, from dismantling and containerizing, export documentation and sea freight. Pelmar can also handle import customs and the inland freight if concluded with the customer as part of the Incoterms. Upon request, Pelmar can also quote for installation and running in of the equipment on the customer’s site, as well as operator training.

Q. Can Pelmar inspect equipment prior to acquisition?
A. Yes, Pelmar can perform objective inspection for non-Pelmar equipment. Our equipment specialist will make detailed assessment and send a full report including repair and upgrades recommendations, if will be necessary.

Q. Is it possible to request equipment that is not part of Pelmar’s inventory list?
A. Pelmar can use its international network to search for specific items that may not appear on its list of pre-owned equipment. Additionally, we are able to offer new equipment solutions through select and reliable Chinese equipment partners/suppliers. We shall inform you as soon as any acquisition information is obtained through our areas sales managers.

Q. Does Pelmar Supply Complete Manufacture Plant?
A. Pelmar delivers complete manufacture plant for rubber and tires from one single source. We offer a complete package starting from the plant design and planning, equipment supply, engineering and technology services, logistics handling and site installations, training and service programs.

Q. Can Pelmar help me to improve my production process?

A. Yes, Pelmar deputes a technical staff of rubber engineers and machinery specialists with years of experience in the rubber and tire industry. We can visit your plant and prepare objective report of our evaluation for the current process and propose bespoke solutions to improve your process and productivity.

Q. Do you Sell Chinese Machines?

A. Yes, Pelmar offers new Machines from China which are fabricated under Pelmar’s supervision for quality and high standards. Pelmar cooperates with selected manufacturers and act as the interface with the customer in order to develop the right solution for his needs and deliver excellent experience

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