Cold Feed Extruders

Rubber processing extruders that operate by cold feeding of strips are used in rubber and tire plants for a diversified range of applications like tire components, bladders, tubes, rubber profiles, cable coating, hoses, compression and injection molded parts. Equipment lifespan depends highly on durability and reliability which is mainly related to the quality of the machine.

Pelmar offers cold feed extruders from top manufacturers, such as NRM, Rubicon, Francis Shaw, Andouartand Troester. Extruder screw diameter ranges from 45 mm and up to 250 mm, while the length, which is termed by the “L/D ratio”, varies between 8 to 18. Our cold feed extruders can be offered with plain or pin barrels. Technical variables, like screw speed, and additional accessories, such as feeding roll, are vital for improvement in viscosity and productivity enhancement.

Cold Feed Extruder Technology

Cold feed extruder technology has made significant progress along the years. The processing of compounds has been greatly advanced allowing acceptance of a wide spectrum of rubber compounds with different properties.

First developed during the 70’s, this technology, which has been continuously updated, allows tire manufacturers and other rubber processing industrial sectors to process a diverse range of rubber compounds and still achieve optimum plasticization without an extrusion screw changeover. The easy transference of this technology to all extruder sizes – in addition to the outstanding results in output and quality – was decisive in the rapid spread of this technology to all areas of the rubber industry.

Today, more and more cold feed extruders replace mixing mills and hot feed extruder configurations and in this way the plant can save energy, production area, labor, maintenance and achieve better results.

The Pelmar Group will be pleased to recommend and to offer suitable cold feed extruders for tire plants and for technical rubber plants. Our team of experts has the right knowledge and experience to support this process from start to finish.

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