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Hot Feed Extruders for Any Challenge Pelmar’s expert knowledge brings customers leading hot feed extrusion machinery.

Back to Basics

If you are searching for ‘hot feed extruders’ you undoubtedly know that a “rubber extruder” is a machine with a driven screw for continuous forming of rubber by forcing it through a die. What you need to know is that not all machines offered on the market will bring you the results you require.
What you need to know is that not all machines offered on the market will bring you the required results. Only Pelmar’s hot feed extruders are guaranteed with quality to ensure production performance at your plant. Our hot feed extruders sizes range between 4.5” /120 mm and up to 10”/250 mm. All of our extruders were produced by European leading suppliers and have been in success operation for many years. Pelmar also holds a stock of spare screws and barrels for its extruders to assure operation at all times.

Guaranteed Results

When a company intends to buy machinery, be it to set up a complete technical rubber and tire plant or replace existing equipment, they need to calculate their return on investment (ROI). The first step is to select a renowned supplier with many years of industry experience and the expertise to know which products to keep in their inventory. Suppliers not only have to be able to back their stock with a guarantee of excellence, but should provide customer support. If you can trust that you are buying high-performance equipment, you can better estimate your expenditure and calculate your end-results. If your hot feed extruder, for example, breaks down mid-production the financial damage could be devastating.

Processing Solutions

Pelmar not only guarantees its machinery by stocking only the best brands, such as Troester, Barwel and Berstorff’s hot feed rubber extruders, but offers customers technical support, consultation and training, logistics handling, and even entire production line relocation if required. Pelmar carries hot feed extruders with different extrusion dies, granulate or roller heads; single, duplex and triplex extruders; twin screw extruders from 1.5” to 15” diameter; as well as auxiliaries and spares such as rubber feeders, extruder barrels and extruder screws.

Time Means Money

Understanding that not everyone needs, or can afford, brand-new extruders, Pelmar also specializes in used machines and in restoring old machines to an "as good as new" operational state. Furthermore, in an industry where time (or downtime) means money, Pelmar handles all transportation for its customers and provides them with professional consultation, support, and training to get their systems up and running in no time. Its large stock and worldwide distribution network means that after placing an order customers don’t wait for ages before delivery. So, before you purchase a hot feed extruder, or any equipment for that matter, look beyond what meets the eye. Look for a turnkey solution for guaranteed, long-term success.

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