Pelmar restores the mixer to original design measurements, adapt it to modern standards with new drive and transmission, and incorporating additional features to meet any of your process requirements.

All reconditioned parts are manufactured from heavy duty steel as such are the rotors wear plates and dust seals, end frames, drilled sides. The existing hard welding of the rotors and chrome plate are removed prior before being ultrasonically tested prior commence of refurbishment work ensuring they can be repaired and re-welded with suitable materials as Stellite.


General scope of reconditioning work includes the following:

  • Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning of the Mixer parts
  • Complete Repair of rotors including welding and restoring to original state
  • Replacement of bearings (bush/roller type) to new ones as well as bearings houses in case it is required.
  • Inspection of and detection of weak welding joints, re-welding if required.
  • Mechanical Removal of old welding and grinding.
  • Hard Surfacing - Coating of rotors by a special hard surfacing material for    high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and wear
  • New Dust Stop Assembly
  • New cooling system; new piping and set of rotary joints to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Upgrading and installing new electrical system
  • New painting according to selected RAL.

Let our experts to bring your rubber mixer back to life!

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