Our rebuilding teams are able to recondition equipment from mechanical and chemical cleaning, New painting, replacing worn components, mechanically upgrading and installing the newest controls and eletricals. The Rebuilt machinery comes with a full warranty that is comparable to coverage offered by new machinery manufacturers. We also provide our engineer for worldwide commissioning.

Most reconditioned rubber extruders (hot or cold feed) are accompanied with auxiliaries and other line components as temperature control units, haul-off caterpillar, cooling drums etc'. 

We carry selected extrusion equipment for s from NRM, Troester, Davis Standard, Iddon, Andouart etc'.

The rubber extruder is completely overhauled to be fit for another lifetime of operation.The rebuild process includes;

Stripping drive and auxiliaries to bare screw and barrel

Refinishing and re-welding if needed

Gearbox Repair including re-assembly with new sealant and new bearing to original tolerances

Replacing and updating mechanical and electrical components and where possible  inclusion of new features.

New lubrication filter and plumbing are installed on the gearbox

The machine will full inspection and test on completion

Compliance to latest safety standards including CE marking. New

All gearbox shafts are inspected for wear and concentricity. They are repaired or replaced as necessary
All shaft bearings are replaced
The main thrust bearing is inspected and replaced if necessary
The main bull gear is inspected and turned 180 degrees.
New lubrication filter and plumbing are installed on the gearbox
The Gearbox is reassembled with new sealant and bearing shims to original axial tolerances
A rebuilt or new feed throat section is installed
A new barrel with customer specified bi-metallic liner is installed and aligned with feed section and gearbox
Cast aluminum heaters are tested and replaced as necessary
New blowers and blower motors are installed
Head clamp, including shear pins, are inspected and repaired as necessary
New over pressure rupture plug is installed
New wiring, thermocouples and barrel guards are installed
Supplied with new customer specified screw design and stainless steel hopper
The machine is painted to customer specifications

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