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For many years, straining rubber compounds was done by hot feed rubber extruders with a straining head as It was the default choice by rubber compounders. For the last decade, gear pump technology has been developed in order to answer compounder desire to have cost -effective solutions for large production volumes. It is a suitable and advance solution that has been vastly implemented at many compounding lines world-wide.

The Pelmar group can offer varied solutions of high quality gear pumps for the rubber industry. By its accumulated knowledge and extensive experience in mixing equipment, Pelmar can design a comprehensive solution exactly to your needs and according to your process parameters and requirements.


Pelmar offers Gear Pump Extruders which are usually being fed by a plasticization device, which is typically a cold feed extruder or a mixing mill. The gear pump is also equipped with feeding elements to generate minimal inlet pressure. The head is specifically designed to accommodate high output of rubber. The main advantage of gear pump implementation is the increased pressure it can generate. This allows the feeders to function only as pre-heaters or preformers while mixing of the compound.
One of the biggest benefits of gear pump is the control on temperature. During extrusion, temperature increase due to compound shearing and the applied pressure. By mounting a gear pump system, pressure is generated at the head, reducing the pressure at the extruder and consequently compound’s temperature become lower.

Gear pump Systems feature multiple benefits compared to the regular extrusion:
Precision – Fixed amount of materials is consistently pumped into the strainer , hence there is less rubber waste and variations in product measurements.
Wear – if extruder is used, lower pressures are exerted and the wear level on the screw is reduced as well at higher outputs are obtained.
Wide range of compounds – Some of the rubber compounds are very sensitive to high temperatures. Gear Pump enables low working temperatures and by that allow use of sensitive elastomer
Power Consumption Savings – By means of hydraulic locking clamps, rubber is strained with a minimum energy use due to low pressures.

Pelmar can deliver these gearpump solutions and support your needs to best level. We can handle a complete project from the purchase stage, through logistics, acceptance tests and wet tests of the equipment. We are also able to tailor a mixed solution of used and new equipment, designed to meet your technical needs as per given constraints.

The Pelmar Group has many years of experience of service to the best tire and rubber companies in the world and with big success. Our Gearpumps are all European and include CE mark and all safety features required.

Gear Pump Systems

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