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Manufactured by: HF Mixing group
Year of Manufacture: 2003, last Service / New Rotor 2019
Machine Nr: 01.642 / F-1446
Used For: Master Batch /Final Batch
Total / Useable Volume: 140l / 98l
Batch weight (1,2kg/l): 118kg
Type of Rotors: Intermeshing
Hopper: Hydraulically Operated
Hydraulic Power Pack: Available
Motor (Watercooled): DC-Loyd Dynamo Germany, Typ: GC-40-10
762kW, 800V, 1006A, 50Hz, 1500rpm
Motor-GB Couplings: Available
Gearbox: SEW, Typ: PD58-B47-R11-V12, even speed
Mixer-GB Couplings: Available
Electric and Controls: available, Siemens S7
Base Frame: Available
TCU: 3 Zones, GWK
Documentation: Available
Batch Scale : Available with bale Cutter
Small Chemic. Scale: Available, on Hopper mounted
In operation until: January 2024
Reports: Available

HF GK-135E Internal Mixer

SKU: EXP110XXG0013
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