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The range of Pelmar New Pelcure Superior compression Presses is made to last for decade with premium quality components and robust construction. The presses are manufactured with operator-friendly design in mind and fully controlled system that increases productivity and enables lower set-up times. 

Pelmar supplies the presses with its full package solution including installation, start-up and training of the works, and including spare parts as option in service programs.
Our products come with range of options in order to tailor a bespoke solution to the customer according its specific requirements and process constraints

Main Characteristics and Features
• 50-1000 tonnes variants
• Single to six frames variants
• Upstroke or downstroke design for selection
• Changeable Daylight Opening
• Customized platen size
• Electric or Steam/Hot Oil heating platens
• Optional tilting top platen for cleaning and ease of moulding removal
• Mold move in/out option (sliding platen) as option
• Tilting top platen for ease of product removal as option
• Transfer molding can be added as option
• Product ejectors as option
• Training and commissioning packages
• Conformity with EU Regulations (CE Mark) and US Standards

Rubber Compression Presses

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