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The batch mixer is the most popular compounding machine in the rubber industry. It can be fed with all forms of rubbers and has long life durability even while working at a very high production capacity. It can also be controlled and fully automated with synchronization with the other equipment on the line.

Internal Rubber Mixers

    • Francis Shaw K2A MK5 Internal Mixer
      K2A Intermix, B&K Weighing unit, accessories Make: Francis ShawType: K2A MK5IntermixYoM: 1993Serial number: 106537Rotors: NR2 - IntermeshingUsable volume: 30dm³ net; 49,9dm³ grosDrive: 325kW (DC with invertor)YoM: 1990Controls: Siemens S7-300 (new installed in 2011)Hydraulic: 2011/2012 completely renewedLast complete refurbishment: 2011/2012 incl. new Body and new Rotors Measurements WxDxH: 2215 x 1400 x 3397 without gearbox, motorand hydraulicWeight: 14to + 2to for Hydraulic
    • GK320E Intermeshing MixerManufactured by: Werner & PfleidererYear of Manufacture: 1992New Chamber and Hopper from 2004 Model: GK - 320E Used For: Master batch /Final Batch; Black FillersPolymers: Mainly NBR & CR Total / Useable Volume: 320 / 208 LiterType of Rotors: Intermeshing, 2 Wings, PS3+ Type Hopper: RAM Hydraulically Operated Hydraulic Pack: Not Available Motor: Not Available Motor-Gear Couplings: Not Available  Gearbox: Not AvailableChamber: Available with Coupling Electricals : Not AvailableControls: Not Available Base Frame: Available Optional: Set of Dust Seals
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