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The Pelmar Group has developed and manufacture a new Hydraulic Pre-Cured Tread Curing Press in Single / Double C - Frame design. It is able to prodce pre-cured treads of up to 12 meters in length and 500-600 mm in width. It is available up to 6 daylights and  equipped with a semi/fully automatic loading and unloading systems.

The production process was designed to produce pre-cured treads of the highest quality  and with minimum loss of rubber scrap. Moreover, curing time was shortened in order to enhance efficiency. Closing Pressure stands on 490 N/Cm^2 for extra accuracy.

The press is designed to meet the highest standards of today in pre-cured tread production. The press and line were specially engineered in order to minimize manpower and power consumption as well as to increase the productivity of the plant.

Our well experienced engineering team can adapt the press to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.



1. Fast curing times
2. Minimum loss of rubber scrap - 2%
3. High Speed of Loading/Unloading
4. Efficient Layout Design
5. High Resistance to mechnical wear
5. Low maintenance with minumum downtimes
6. Long life Durability
7. Ability to prodce winter treads

Technical Features:

1. Single/Double C-Frame Type
2. Up to 12 Meters, 2-8 daylights
3. Specific Pressure: 490 N/Cm^2
4. PLC Control
5. Loader/Unloader units are included

Pelmar offers its customers to be impressed of the Pre-Cured Tread Press quality. We invite you for a visit at one of the production plants in Europe to see the New PCT press while it is running.

Pre-cured Tread Press

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