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Rubber Mixing Mill

1. Double Motors/reducers/inverters
2. Rolls speed control by inverters (variable friction)
3. Rolls surface cooling - peripheral drilled rolls
4. Hydraulic Roll Gap adjusting (0,2mm up to 50mm) comply with             DIN EN1417
5. Auto Bearig oiling system
7. Emergency Stop/Feet&Knee&Waist bars - pedals
8. Knives device
9. Continuously Compound Temperature control guage
10. Cooling water input temperature guage
11. Cooling water input pressure guage
12. Roll Gap distance measuring - Digital control Guage

13. Stock Blender and Cross Blender
14. PLC Control Pannel
15. Stock Guides - adjustable width/vertical moving for easy cleaning
17. Rolls Material - Solid Steel 4140 Block

Rubber Mixing Mill

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