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  • 3D AGR Rubber Strip Winding System is used to wind radial agriculture tire tread on tire building drum.
  • 1 Strip winding system could match two shaping drums for tread winding. Two shaping drums could be in the layout of side by side or opposite


Main Function and Features

  • Windows operation system.
  • Ethernet communication between PC and PLC.
  • User friendly recipe transfer method to machine controls.
  • Fully automation including winding process and cutting.
  • Abundant information display on HMI, including operation shift, operation time, standard setting tread profile and dimension, the tread profile thickness and size.
  • Computer can record the data, and keep the memory when the winding station stops running, and continue the winding process while the winding stations recover in order, and guarantee the accuracy of copy-winding tread.


Rubber Strip Winding System

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